Why You Should Be Using Both Day and Night Cream If You Want To Look Younger

I’ll be completely honest with you – I, too, am sometimes lazy when it comes to taking care of myself, even when it comes to skin care. I just want to run out of the house to catch the bus to work after just a quick splash of water on the face, and in the evening I’d sometimes love to do the same and just fall into bed without thinking of skin care.
But then I think of the fine lines and the sagging skin I see after a few days of negligence, and resolutely thoroughly clean my skin and moisturize it daily.
And if you’re anything like me, you will have noticed the difference taking care of your skin daily can have on your looks. It’s true – a moisturized skin looks younger than a dry one, and nourishing it with nutrients will make it even smoother, more toned and even-colored. You can get pretty far by just using a day cream, but once the wrinkles and fine lines have started appearing, you need to bring in the big guns: the night cream.
It may be that before, you haven’t used a night cream, and perhaps that has been all right. Unless your skin is very dry, you don’t necessarily have to use an overnight cream before the first fine lines appear. But when they do, night cream is your new best friend.
Why night cream is essential for aging skin is that during the night your skin can absorb nutrients much better than during the day. This is because in the night time, your body is already regenerating, and any help you give it will be used effectively. This is a key point; this is why an anti aging night cream is a must-have product in fighting the signs of age on your skin.
Another key point is that night creams usually contain much more effective, deeply moisturizing ingredients than day creams. Why is that? Simple: day creams have to be easily absorbable into the skin, as we usually don’t have time to wait for a heavy skin cream to be completely absorbed before applying makeup or simply getting on with the day. At nighttime there is no stress to get going, so the product can be creamier and take its time to deeply nourish your skin and help it to rejuvenate itself.
Anti aging day and night creams complement each other, as they both fulfil different tasks. Used daily, they can really improve your skin’s appearance – but only if you choose a good, natural brand of anti aging creams that contain effective ingredients and vitamins. Invest in a good series and be surprised how much younger you can look after just a few weeks of use!
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